The Impact of Hands On Nashville and Its Volunteers in the Community

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Hands On Nashville


Allison Haley Luffman, a management professional in the interior design sector, is an advocate of her community. A Tennessee resident, Allison Haley Luffman dedicates much of her time to supporting local organizations, such as Hands On Nashville.

With history dating back to 1991, Hands On Nashville addresses the needs of Middle Tennessee communities through its volunteer program. Ranked among the top 10 organizations in the nation to log the most volunteer hours per resident, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service, the group focuses its efforts in areas of public education, home energy savings, youth leadership development, and urban agriculture.

In particular, the Urban Agriculture Program aims to improve community health through provisions that educate people on food systems. The nonprofit hosts many of its activities on its five-acre farm in South Nashville, where it utilizes volunteers to manage crops that are then enjoyed by visitors who learn about harvesting produce and preparing healthy meals. Volunteers also support the organization’s school garden initiative. In partnership with the Nashville School Garden Coalition and local schools, Hands On Nashville and volunteers play a crucial role in integrating garden-based education into curriculums, thus supporting the goal of building a healthier and food-secure community.


Volunteer Programs of Hands On Nashville

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Hands On Nashville

Allison Haley Luffman is the regional manager of Showplace Design Center in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to her professional responsibilities, which include field investigation, quality control, and sales, Allison Haley Luffman works with Hands On Nashville, a local volunteer collective.

Hands On Nashville matches volunteer opportunities with individuals and businesses and enables community groups to locate volunteers for their own events. The organization offers six programs to members who want to give back to their community.

1. The Corporate Partner Program works with corporations to manage customized volunteer projects for philanthropic businesses.

2. Youth Volunteer Corps gives youth between the ages of 11 and 18 an opportunity to serve their community. School groups and sports teams can sign up for group projects.

3. The Home Energy Savings Program makes low-income homes in the city more efficient. Volunteers make improvements to energy efficiency and safety.

4. The Urban Agriculture Program works to make healthy food available to low-income communities. The program tackles gardening, proper eating habits, and food access issues.

5. The Waterway Cleanup and Restoration Program strives to improve the conditions of streams, creeks, and rivers in Davidson County.

6. Emergency Response partners with the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management, training volunteers for emergency, disaster, and relief situations.