Horse Care – Boarding Options

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Horse Care – Boarding Options

Allison Haley Luffman works as a regional manager for Showplace Design Center in Nashville, Tennessee. She has over 10 years of experience as a sales and management professional in the interior design field. In her spare time, Allison Haley Luffman enjoys outdoor activities such as boating and equestrian sports.

Owning horses requires a commitment of time and finances. Most immediately, equestrians have to decide whether to keep their horses on their own property or to board them. Owners who keep horses on their own land must provide for all the horses’ needs (food, shelter, bedding, pasture, medical care, and exercise) themselves. The benefit is that they keep their costs down.

On the other hand, if they pay to board their horses, they don’t have to spend time taking care of the chores and can instead ride or enjoy other fun activities with their mounts. Some owners see the lack of involvement in intimate details as a downside, however, and prefer to care for their horses themselves to strengthen the bond between animal and owner.

There are many choices and different types of boarding facilities available for those who choose to board. Basic self-boarding just provides space, and the owner takes responsibility for daily feeding, cleaning, grooming, and other needs. Full boarding includes feeding, turning in and out, cleaning, and facility use and sometimes even includes blanketing and basic medical care. Because there is such a broad spectrum, owners should ask questions to find out what is covered under the different boarding plans.