Jump Rope for Heart – Healthy Habits for Kids

American Heart Association pic

American Heart Association
Image: heart.org

Since 2011, Allison Haley Luffman has served as regional manager for the Showplace Design Center in Nashville, Tennessee, where she maintains responsibility for quality control. Allison Haley Luffman is also active in her community as a supporter of numerous philanthropic efforts, including Jump Rope For Heart.

Jump Rope for Heart is an American Heart Association program that encourages children to become active and healthier through fun exercise. The program also reaches out to parents to teach them how to incorporate healthy habits at home. Here are some Jump Rope For Heart Tips on how to help children develop healthy habits:

1) Be Positive: Parents should strive to focus on the things that their kids can do rather than the things they can’t—by celebrating successes and praising accomplishments, parents can help their children develop good self-images.

2) Limit Screen Time: Children who watch a lot of television, play a lot of video games, or sit on the computer or their phones tend to be more sedentary and snack more often, which increases the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

3) Encourage Fun Physical Activities: Parents should find out what sports or physical ventures their children are most excited about by allowing them to try out different activities.